Thursday, September 4, 2014

AWR Warehouse - The what and where

Am not talking how cool this feature is, just want to give some information on the prerequisites, where in documentation you will find more details and what support notes are relevant.

Hope this is helpful.
  • AWR Warehouse requires Diagnostic Pack
  • AWR Warehouse repository is certified on DB12.1.0.2 and (+ patch*) as a repository and requires an EM patch to enable the features in EM
  • Discover the database within Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Apply the OMS patch (see Support Note for patch details). This will enable AWR Warehouse in the Databases menu.
  • Apply the Agent patch (see Support Note for patch details) to the agent on each of the servers running the source database that will send AWR data to the AWR warehouse.
  • Configure the AWR warehouse in EM to point to the database designated as the AWR Warehouse repository. One EM environment can only support one AWR Warehouse repository in this release.
  • Add each of the source databases (using DBA preferred credentials) to the AWR warehouse.

-          (in my opinion quite hidden) is in DB12.1.0.2 - 2 Day + Performance Tuning Guide - here
-          Support note 1907335.1: Master Note on AWR Warehouse

*For, use the below patch:
    o (Linux x86-64) 18547891:
    o (Exadata BP 18547891:

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